Wedding and Christening Favors

Handmade crafts and hand-painted tiles for Christening and wedding gifts. Do you have an idea for a christening or wedding gifts for guests? Visit or contact us, tell us your wedding gift ideas or christening gift ideas, and let us help you and create a unique personalized gift for your baby’s christening or for your wedding.

Samples for wedding and christening favors (bombonieres)

All our crafts are hand-made and hand-painted in our workshop in the old town Nicosia. We can create unique designs for your special day. Favors can be personalized, by engraving the names and date on each gift.

We use food-save glazes and fire the crafts in our kilns to ensure durability. We can also handle the wrapping and packaging. Make sure to order in time as most crafts require many days to be done.

For more information contact us us or call us at 22 753 900 or visit our studio located in Lefkonos 33 in the old town Nicosia.