7 Ideas for Handmade Christening Favors

Μπομπονιέρες για κερί

If you have already decided on the theme of the baptism or at least the colors, find below unique craft ideas for gifts for your guests, that will impress them and make that special day even more special! The christening favors are a small thank you gift to your guests, who will join you in this joyful event. Our handmade creations will give you the opportunity to add your personal touch to the end result.

The bonbonniere usually represents the general theme of the baptism but also the uniqueness of this day. Depending on the theme of the Christening and your budget, we can create a unique gift, the most ideal for this occasion.

Find below a few unique and original ideas for christening favors, crafted in our workshop in the old town of Nicosia. All ceramic creations are handmade or hand-painted, fired at 800 ° C – 1000 ° C which makes them indelible over time.

1. Egg holder favor

Ceramic egg holder, hand painted, with the theme of the baptism event. Ideal for both a boy’s Christening and a girl’s Christening as a gift for your little guests!

The egg holder is painted and fired at 800 ° C with food-safe and dishwasher safe glazes.

The baby’s name and date of the baptism can be written, on the top or bottom of the gift.

You can choose to tie it with candy or put it in a box. The binding and the box are optional.

2. Handmade ceramic christening favor

Handmade and hand-painted clay constructions in the shape of your choice. Crafted in the shape of your theme such as bird, butterfly, heart, star, etc. and can be a useful craft, such as a candle holder, saucer, etc. It can also be imprinted representing the theme of the baby’s baptism such as flower, pomegranate bird, star etc.

The bonbonniere is fired at 1000 ° C in our specialized kilns in our workshop, painted, glazed and baked again.

It can be engraved or painted with the Chistening date, the baby’s name and a small thank you at any point of construction.

Tying together with dragees and placing them in a box is optional.

The unique handmade and hand-painted crafts will surely amaze your guests and will make your baby’s christening day even more special.

3. Hand-painted bowl or plate

Bowl favors are a useful and unique christening gift as they can be decorated individually with the name of your guest or the name of your baby. It is usually given as a gift for your little guests which they will adore and use every day.

The ceramic is painted and fired at 800 ° C with dishwasher and food-safe glazes.

The large surface allows us to paint large drawings by hand and use multiple colors in the same firing.

Binding with dragees is optional.

4. Coaster favors

Ceramic coaster with a 10×10 hand-painted or silkscreened ceramic tile. You can choose from our ready-made designs or create your own.

The coasters can be given either as one or as a set of 2, set of 3 set of 4 etc. The cost depends on the design and the number of colors Fired at 800 ° C ensures durability.

The tile can also be placed on a wooden base and used as a hot plate for larger surfaces.

Binding with dragees and the box is optional. Visit our workshop in old Nicosia to see the samples of chocolates up close.

5. Flower pot

Handmade flower pots decorated with designs of your choice. The pot is a useful christening souvenir that can be used and loved by your guests.

The pot is fired at 1000 ° C, colored, glazed optionally and fired again.

It can be engraved with the date of the christening event, and the baby’s names.

Binding with dragees and the plant are optional.

6. Door hanger

Wooden door hanger with the design of your choice, hand-painted or with a combination of silkscreen printing which can include the name of your baby or personalized it for each of your little guests. Binding together with candy and the box is optional.

7. Coaster game

A set of four 10×10 coasters with protective felt. Each tile is a fun game you can play alone or with friends that are silkscreened on the tiles and fired at 800° degrees to ensure durability.

Games included: Tic Tac Toe, Game of Dots, Labyrinth, Hangman

You can choose the color of the games.

The set includes 4 tiles (with felt), a non-permanent marker with an eraser and a wooden base (optional).

Call us at 22753900 or visit our workshop in the old town Nicosia to discuss your ideas for your wedding favor.