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Our Workshop

Our workshop is located at Lefkonos 33, in the old town of Nicosia near Faneromeni church.


Yianna Nicolaou

Yianna Nicolaou is the owner of and the main artist of Etsi ki allios…xeirotehnimata.

Yianna was born in Nicosia, Cyprus in 1981. She studied Fine Arts at the University of Central England at the Birmingham Institute of Art & Design.

She started working with ceramic tile design since 2004 at Michalias Cermi studio where she learned to handle glazes under the guidance of Mr Nikos Michalias.

Her illustration work includes:

  • Character illustration and children’s book for Loukia & Michael Zampelas Art Museum
  • Illustration of cover, Papageorgiou Costas. (2011)
    • Κύπριον Πατερικόν του Άθωνος
  • illustration of children’s book for Laiki Insurance. (2010)
    • Η οδική ασφάλεια… δεν είναι παραμύθι!
  • Illustration of traditional fairy tale book
    • Μια φορά κι ένα καιρό στη Κύπρο (Συλλογή)
      • Ήταν μια αφτοτζηνάρα
      • Με γέλια και με κλάματα
      • Η αλεπού, ο γάτος και η φίνα
      • Βασιλοπούλες και βασιλόπουλα
  • Illustration of book for priest Christos Vourias (2007)
    • Όλα θα πάνε καλά
  • Illustration of Anastasias Tsami children’s book (2006)
    • Τότε που χάθηκαν τα χρώματα
Other work She also cooperated with various adverting agencies for logo designs and character illustrations. Design of 2009 mascot for the Games of the Small States of Europe.


Our craft is equipped with three kilns of different size and we can fire crafts up to 1100°C. We also have all the necessary equipment for ceramic decoration, a big variety of glazes and silk print machines.

If you are an artist interested on using our space or equipment please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to accommodate you or rent our kilns to fire your crafts.


ARE the glazes you are using food safe?

All glazes that we use on kitchenware are food save and you can use them.

is the kitchenware dish washer safe?

Yes you can wash all kitchenware in a dishwashing machine.

do you make custom tile designs?

We have a selection of our own designs, but you can also send us a design you like and we can recreate it.

can you personalize the crafts?

Yes we can personalize everything, even the drawings.

CAn i paint my own ceramic?

You can visit our specifically organized room for family painting gatherings enjoying a cup of coffee or tea while creating your ceramic

How long does it take to fire the crafts?

The most that it would take is one week, as we prefer to have volume and fill the kilns.

Call us or visit our workshop in the old town Nicosia to discuss your custom designs